Happy birthday Sophia and Finn!

This is a very special birthday, it is a seventh birthday of twins that can no longer celebrate it together. A birthday that raises the question on „how do we do it?“

One twin is departed, gone way too soon, after a hard battle to fight cancer, only departed in April 2017, the tears are still flowing. The other twin is here, has lost his best connection (I do believe that twins have a very special, magical connection) and beside that, is still a young energetic boy who turns 7 and wants to celebrate this. Hard for everybody, with this fine line between grieve and joy.

But these twins have amazing parents, that will keep their daughter’s memory alive and at the same time celebrate live. I am sure Finn will have a wonderful day today.

Amy and Greg have asked for memories, sweet memories of a little girl, wonderful stories, special occasions, to be shared so they can spend their day celebrating their son and reading memories about their daughter. And so many have already shared their memories.

Well, I have no direct memories with Sophia I could share. I did not meet her alive, I only saw her in person when she was lying in her small white coffin. But I have a lot of memories surrounding Sophia, her battle, the community that supported her and her family.

When we moved to Kentucky, coming from Belgium, with a little girl at our side that was struggeling with all this, worried of what her future is gonna be, we looked for ways to comfort her. And we hoped to meet people that can become new friends. A very first thing we noticed in our neighborhood were orange/purple bows on the majority of mailboxes. We did not know what these were all about. So I asked my neighbor. That was the first time I learned about Sophia and her battle with cancer. What we experienced over the following months was just amazing, this support in this community for her and her family was just amazing. There were plans who cooks dinner for the family so that one or both parents could stay in hospital with her and would not need to worry about this. Welcome cheer groups were organized when Sophia was allowed to leave the hospital or came home from other treatments. A late Halloween trick or treat was held, so she could do it too, who cares it was weeks after the real Halloween, make her smile was most important.

My sweet daughter Lena was so excited when she was able to play with her one time. She ran into the house screaming at me „Mom, Mom, Sophia is here, driving her little car down our street, I will follow her with my bike, wherever she might go“.

I have a wonderful memory to share: All sweet memories around Sophia and how everybody supported this family helped us so much. It showed us we selected the right place to settle down, it showed us great friendship can create a wonderful community.

Today I, we, are so happy to call this family friends, we love you to the moon and back!


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